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"Fall in love with your Skin The one perfect solution for all your skin ageing problems. Specially designed and tested to be suitable and safe for all skin types. Because your Skin needs it. Desire Skin products are vegan, parabeen free , cruelty free."

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Ok first let me say I never write reviews. I tried this product out of desperation. I have melasma on my face since I was about 39 (42 now) Especially around my mouth. I have tried EVERYTHING. I have spent thousands of dollars on lasers, creams, doctors appointments and prescriptions. Nothing has really worked to even notice a slight difference. I started this Bundle and the next morning, I did think my brown spots were a little lighter, to be honest I thought it was wishful thinking! I have now used it twice a day for about 4 weeks. I woke up today, my face is clearer and brighter and the dark spots are definitely lighter!!! I can’t believe it. Buy this!!!

This Is My Number One Product!

There is nothing I dislike about this product. All I can really say is that after you’ve used it daily for a certain period of time you’ll really understand why you can’t live without it ( at least I can’t )
Yes it moisturizes my skin and has helped prevent breakouts.
I can feel it tightening my skin especially around my eyes and cheeks and forehead.
For me as long as I use it every day it really prevents my skin from becoming flaky and dry.
I’m sure it’s helping my sunspots on my face to look better and to make them less visible however I will say that in general when I apply it liberally it’s makes my whole face feel younger and fresher and I think the tightening under my eyes really is what helps make me look a little bit younger in my view.
So I do apply a generous amounts underneath my eyes.
And when my skin becomes super oily at times then I kind of don’t use as much of it all over my face -I’ll just use it under my eyes.
But it’s really been a product that it is just part of my daily life now.
I think vitamin C serum in general is just really important to use on your face.
Highly highly highly recommended and yes I am constantly buying these bundles!

Great Product, Highly Recommended!

As a vegan who tries to live as holistically and organically/naturally as possible, I’ve search a while for high quality vegan skin care. The Desire Skin products are excellent and offer not only great results but also incredible value. The products have begun diminishing the dark spots on my skin within the first seven (7) days and the after marks on my cheeks are beginning to fade a little after 14 days of use. The products’ excellence is matched by the company’s wonderful customer service, which caught me by surprise. The company’s owner personally contacted me shortly after I placed the order to let me know it will be filled promptly, and has kept in touch a few times since to send new information about the products and how best to use them, as well as to ask how I like them. Really above and beyond both in product quality and in customer service.
The Complete Face Glow Bundle feels great on the skin, does not not feel sticky or cloying. It applies smoothly and combination of all three products, has started diminishing lines as soon as seven days and leaves my skin feel radiant and renewed.

Amazing Products, Great Price And Good For Sensitive Skin.

I am completely satisfied with the results of these products. I bought this Bundle for the first time. After just a few days I saw a big difference so I bought the two more kits. My skin is so much brighter and the little lines are not so noticeable anymore. I feel like I look years younger! I have really sensitive skin and I had no problems using these! I’ve shown several friends my pictures and they’ve now purchased some! My picture is after 19 days of use.

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